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We are pleased to announce a new VTCT training Centre in
Hong Kong. Welcome Sandy Cheung


✨Discover the artistry of technology with our VTCT Level 3 Diploma. 💅

💥Maria Sirokai, an awards winner educator, will guide you through our special Barbie lifestyle’s course to shape your skills.💅

✨Dare to dream, start your journey with us now!

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🤗 “New to Nails? We’ve Got You Covered!” 🤗 Our VTCT courses are perfect for beginners. Learn everything from the basics to advanced techniques.

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Perfect Nails London International Nail Academy VTCT Nail Courses



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Perfect Nails Academy

We offer a wide variety of nail courses, from beginners to professionals.

Latest technology and award winner educators. 

Now open new VTCT Adult learning site in Hungary and Hong Kong with International qualification,  recognized worldwide.

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We value our clients  and know exactly what will suit you more and how to implement your most creative ideas into reality to enhance your natural looks and make you look gorgeous whenever you go! Trust us to make you look special! 


Maria Sirokai

Our Nail salon was founded in 2013, and since then we are trying to make our customers more happy and confident!

Maria Sirokai is a renowned figure in the world of nail technology and beauty education. Having cultivated a successful career in the field, Maria is recognized as an innovative educator and skilled nail artist with international acclaim.

Born in Hungary, Maria demonstrated a keen interest in the arts and beauty from an early age. She pursued this passion professionally, gaining specialized qualifications in Nail Technology and further sharpening her skills through extensive hands-on experience.

As a certified VTCT Level 3 educator Assessor and IQA, Maria brings a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise to her role. Her commitment to high-quality training and education led her to co-found Perfect Nails London International Nail Academy. Here, Maria has the opportunity to share her skills and experience with a new generation of aspiring nail technicians, offering VTCT-accredited training courses worldwide.

In addition to her educational work, Maria is a decorated nail artist, having received numerous awards for her creative designs and precision technique. Her innovative approach to nail art is frequently featured in industry publications, further solidifying her position as a leading figure in the field.

As an educator, Maria is well-known for her approachable, hands-on teaching style. She prides herself on fostering an environment where students feel empowered and inspired to explore their creativity and push their technical skills to the next level.

Maria continues to expand her knowledge and skillset, keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the beauty industry. Her passion for nail artistry and commitment to education remain as strong as ever, making her a truly inspiring figure in the nail technology industry.

How to Become a Perfect Nails Studio & Academy Site Center:

Becoming a Perfect Nails Studio & Academy site center offers a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and educators in the beauty and nail care industry. This information pack provides a step-by-step guide to help you become an authorized center under Perfect Nails Studio & Academy.

## Prerequisites

1. **Level 3 Nail Certificate**: The main educator should possess a Level 3 Nail Certificate or an equivalent qualification.
2. **Level 3 Assessor Certificate**: The main educator should also possess a Level 3 Assessor Certificate.
3. **Premises**: A physical location that meets hygiene and safety standards for nail services.

## Step-by-Step Guide

### Step 1: Initial Inquiry and Self-Assessment

– Reach out to Perfect Nails Studio & Academy through the official website, email, or phone to express your interest.
– Conduct a self-assessment to ensure you meet the prerequisites.

### Step 2: Application Form

– Fill out the site center application form provided by Perfect Nails Studio & Academy.
– Attach any required documents like certifications, business plans, etc.

### Step 3: Application Review

– Perfect Nails Studio & Academy will review your application.
– Expect an initial interview and potentially a site inspection.

### Step 4: Training

– If your application is approved, the main educator(s) will be required to undergo a training session.
– This will involve course material overview, assessment techniques, and standard operating procedures.

### Step 5: Agreement and Fees

– Sign the site center agreement detailing the terms and conditions.
– Pay the site center initiation fees and any other required costs.

### Step 6: Setup and Initialization

– Set up the premises according to Perfect Nails Studio & Academy guidelines.
– You may also have to buy equipment or materials specified by Perfect Nails Studio & Academy.

### Step 7: Final Review and Approval

– A final review and inspection will be conducted.
– Upon successful review, you will receive an official certificate, branding material, and be listed as a Perfect Nails Studio & Academy site center.

### Step 8: Ongoing Support and Quality Checks

– Expect periodic quality checks and audits.
– Access ongoing support through online resources, workshops, and direct contact with Perfect Nails Studio & Academy.

### Step 9: Advertising and Enrollment

– Utilize Perfect Nails Studio & Academy marketing material to advertise your courses.
– Begin enrolling students.

### Step 10: Continuous Improvement

– Periodically review feedback from students and educators to improve your services.
– Engage in ongoing training and upgrading courses provided by Perfect Nails Studio & Academy.

## Contact Details

For any queries or further clarification, please contact:

– **Email**: info@perfectnailslondon.co.uk
– **Phone**: +447415640605

Congratulations on taking the first step toward becoming a part of the Perfect Nails Studio & Academy family! We look forward to partnering with you in delivering top-quality nail education.

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I have been today in the salon and had my pedicure and manicure done for both me and my friend I was extremely happy about the work they did to us it was very nice , professional and friendly ladies I will highly recommend them to any one and this salon will be the one for ever thanks ladies so proud for you 💖💖💖💖💖

Services: Pedicure, Manicure
10 months ago

Highly recommended. All ladies are professional there. Never been disappointed with them. Easy to do booking (of course in advance because they are busy), friendly atmosphere 😉

Service: Nail designs


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